Set of Three Gold, Vintage, Hollywood Regency Gold Gilt Table With Marbled Glass

This set of gold tables with matching designs and colors with unique table designs. The wide two glass layer one with a glass designed top giving that marble texture and look to it. With the plant like designs for the legs making two twists on the way up past the table height. The second three layer thin table is great for showcasing things such as unique souvenirs or matching gold or marble like items. It has a similar beautiful leg design that also goes upwards past the glass top its' self. Finally this third and final three glass layer half circle shape glass table with the same marble design a top the glass as well as similar leg designs. Keeping this similar design and color-way whilst changing the shape allows for a subtle yet large charge in retrospect. 
Please check all the images before purchasing to ensure it is right for you.
Item Dimensions: Golden Two Layer Glass Table - H: 35" W: 31" D: 19"  Golden Glass Three Layer Thin Table - H: 35" W: 24" D: 24"  Golden Three Layer Wide Glass Table - H: 38" W: 50" D: 16"

    • Brand/Artist = Hollywood Regency
    • Date Discount = NO DATE DISC

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