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1990s Auguste Moreau Table Lamp Statue

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Converted into a French Victorian styled spelter lamp, titled "La Brise" (The Breeze) the base depicts L’ Aurore wielding a crescent arc stood upon a demi-sphere. Signed on its cartouche plaque - "Par Aug. Moreau Médaille D'or A L' exposition" which translated says "The Breeze By Aug. Moreau Médaille D'or At The Exposition" it's speculated to be a 1990's recreation & repurpose of the statue. This piece is crafted with a warm brown patination. Sprouting brass leaves and fruit can be seen accompanied by three bulbs covered in white beaded bulb covers. The lamp is turned on using the rotary switch featured on the back of the molding holding the Demi-sphere.

Dimensions: 18ʺW × 13ʺD × 37ʺL

Styles: FrenchVictorian

Period: 1990s

Item Type: Vintage, Antique or Pre-owned

Materials: Bronze

Condition: Minimal wear, stunning condition, please see photos.