Art Deco Cork & Delft Porcelain Embellished Portugal Douro Vanity

A rare Art Deco-Cork & Delft Porcelain Embellished Portugal Douro Vanity has a very unique design made with pristine quality. The slight ramp like shape for the table its self is interesting being glossy and well made it bends perfectly. To match this curve aesthetic the seat has plenty of curvature its' self. Maintaining that aesthetic whilst not losing the length of the chair is key in the making here. The drawers are spacious as well having this lighter colored wood giving this nice light to dark contrast through out the item. The two curves make a circle with the circular mirror being the main prospect of this item, the focal point if you will. Having a perfectly circumference the beautiful set all comes together to make something that is not only eye candy, but quality as well.

Please check all the images before purchasing to ensure it is right for you.

Item Dimensions: Mirror - H: 57.5" W: 48.5" D: 4"  Table: H: 32.25ʺ W: 76.75ʺ D: 23.5ʺ  Seat: H: 22" W: 41" D: 18" SH: 22 - (Lowest Point)


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