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Subscribe to Receive Exclusive Emails

We are starting to send out emails to all of our subscribers, like a newsletter. If you choose to subscribe to the newsletter there are benefits other than staying in the general loop of the stores status. You will be able to see the upcoming sales as early as we have it prepared. Meaning that once we are ready to send it out to the public we will send out emails a few days early before we publicly announce to all of our customer base that the sale will be happening. This will allow for you and any other subscriber to be prepared to plan their trip down to Lynn's World and to build their plans around our sale / event to make it easier for our loyal subscribers. In addition we will be sending out subscriber exclusive deals such as discounts online or in store // deals on certain things such as dining tables, clocks, chairs, and more. All that we may ask is that you show us proof of the deal // discount by showing us the email. Some exclusions may apply such as it being forwarded via another subscriber or the deal // discount being expired, please see store for more details.