So…just how does Consignment work at Lynn’s World?

It’s simple, painless and profitable.

You have well-made furniture (accessories, electronics, wall décor) in excellent condition—a piece, or house full—that you no longer want or need. How can you get the most money for those items? Yard sale? Craigslist? Newspaper ad? Strangers visiting your home and buying one of this and that? Haggling over price on every piece? Or Lynn’s World?

With Lynn’s World, you simply e-mail or bring in photos of the item(s) you wish to sell or invite us out to your home for a brief visit. Once we shake hands, here’s what happens:

Our professional drivers/handlers will pick up your items.

Your agreed-upon price will be guaranteed throughout the nine-month contract term.

After the first 60 days, your item(s) will be marked down 20%.

After 90 days and until the contract period has expired, prices will be reduced 10% per month until your item is sold.

How Consignment Works

Do you have furniture or other household decor items that you would like to sell? Contact one of our sales associates and ask about having Lynn's World sell your items for you! Learn More...

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Now Buying and Selling Gold, Silver, and Jewelry

Lynn's World is now buying, selling, and consigning your gold and silver jewelry! Click here for more information.